Taiwanese girls use music for Wuhan to bless

Taiwanese girls use music for Wuhan to bless

People’s Daily Online Taipei February 20 (Reporter Sun Liji, Chen Xiaoxing) "After waiting, the rainbow appears as sunny.

"After the 90s, the Taiwanese Girl Song Wei is in Taipei and 20 Taiwan young people on the 20th, and the way of charity concerts will be cheerful. Follow the music drama in the mainland, two years of Song Wei, in 2018, to Wuhan The performance, the enthusiasm and firm Wuhan people left her a better impression.

In this spring, she got a festival in the Spring Festival. I saw the news of Wuhan epidemic, "I was very bad". I wrote a blessing song for Wuhan in the third year of the New Year’s Eve "to accompany you." This song is completed with the help of Huang Zixuan, the Music General Director of the Troupe. Song Hao said that I believe that each person has a little ability and can do a little contribution.

She is not a doctor, but will be music, I hope I can share it through the land that I have arrived, and I will send blessings.

The concert is contributed by Shanghai Jinmai Industrial Co., Ltd., General Manager Zhu Shiming, said, "In the face of unknown natural disasters, we must unite with each other.

"According to reports, it has been introduced more than 600 85-degrees C, which has been introduced to Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places to send about 20,000 bread, cakes and other materials.

They still want to do more, decide to support these young people.

Zhu Shiming said, "I hope that through the concert is two sides of the strait, pray for Wuhan. I hope that the people of the two sides of the strait will return to normal life, so that peace is no longer just blessings.

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