The theme park is a business business?

The theme park is a business business?

  "I bought a magic robe for my son and daughter, of course, there is a wand, scarf.

"Recently, in the Beijing Global Resort" Harry Potter’s Magic World "scenic spot, the middle-aged woman wearing a black magic robe told reporters.

A Harry Potter College Magic Robe price 849 yuan, wand per 348 yuan, scarf 299 yuan. Rough calculation, this lady’s play and shopping expenses have to be a few thousand yuan.

I have already summed up netizens, and the Beijing Global Resort is expensive or exceeded 3,000 yuan.

Despite the price of the price, but full of ceremonial items, the tourists still will be willing to queue up to pay.

  The hot opening of the Beijing Global Resort reflects the strong demand for consumers on cultural heritage consumption.

"Beijing Global Resort is open, from the short term, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, the replenishment of cultural and tourism reunification will play a great promoting role. From a long time, it can meet the broad masses of the people’s demand for consumer demand. New look forward to providing new choices for mass travel.

Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Research Institute, said that there are 21 travel agency platforms in the Global Resort, as partners, 30 colleges as partners. For the majority of tourism companies, especially for platformers, channels, upstream There are products, downstream, and the whole industry will live.

  Yang Lei, deputy head of Tongzhou District, Beijing, introduced that Beijing Global Resort Project Construction Operation Directly pulled the economic development of Beijing urban center. The total investment of the project is 35 billion yuan, and it is expected to drive GDP increments as 100 million yuan, and the average annual pulling city sub-center GDP increases about 1 percentage point. Drive around the surrounding transportation, more than 3,100 cultural and sports entertainment, tens of thousands of employed people.

In the future, it is expected that the peripheral catering and accommodation will produce an overflow consumption of about 2 billion yuan annually. It is understood that the Global Resort will form a radius of 5 km to 10 kilometers to a strong effect area, a linkage impact area of ??30 kilometers. Beijing Tongzhou District will combine the urban construction of the international consumer center, focusing on high-quality commercial complex in regional layouts such as cultural tourism district, canal business district, expanding high-quality consumption, focusing on young consumer groups, building a combination of global themes and entertainment, game animation, etc. The new type of consumer state of the element, launched the industry’s exemplary, innovative leader, the next theme flagship store scene. Relevant data shows that the Search of the surrounding guests has risen by 200%. Industry experts are expected that Beijing Global Studios will maintain a relatively high popularity within 1 year and 2 years after official opening.

  The fire in Beijing’s Global Resort also allows the theme park industry to enter people’s sight. It is understood that there are thousands of theme parks in China. With the gradual development of domestic cultural industries, a group of emerging local theme paradise has gradually formed a unique competitive advantage through differentiated development concepts.

With the comprehensive entered a well-off society in my country, the "Happy Economy" brought by the theme park will become an important booster that pulls the upgrade of consumption. At the same time, it should also be noted that there is still enough in most theme parks in China, and the IP and cultural creativity are weak, and sustainable innovation is not enough. Industry experts said that "cultural + technology" is the root and soul of the future development of the theme park. If there is no root and soul, the theme park may just be hot. Especially in the domestic theme park, many are imitating and chasing, causing local duplication and inefficiencies, difficult to produce influential brands. Confused the theme paradise such as Disney and Global Studios, which constantly carry out product iteration, so that visitors have different feelings every time.

The foreign-in-theme park has benefited from brand output and operational management.

In the future, the domestic theme park should work hard in the creation of IP creative and operation management, pay more attention to the competition of "quality", and improve the cultural connotation and quality of theme park.

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