Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial 丨 Chen Jingxing – the last book

Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial ? Chen Jingxing – the last book

Chen Jingxing, the word Shao, was born in the Liaoning Haicheng in 1898.

At that time, the whole family first sent him to Shenyang to study, because of the intelligence of the talented, in 1927, the mother gave the home to the home, changed to him to continue to study, he was high school students, but Nanjing did not accept high school students, he directly exam, Just introduced Jinling University and became an elite. In October 1927, he joined the Chinese Communist Party in Jinling University and made a revolution. In 1930, the Nanjing revolutionary situation was very sinister, and Chen Jingxing, member of the Nanjing Municipal Action Committee, gave up the intention of the summer to visit the mother, wife and young girl, stay in Nanjing, and participated in the leadership revolutionary activities.

On June 3, 1930, he wrote a long letter from the heart of thousands of miles away. Let me not forget it … you have a lot of tiredness, I have a lot of bitterness, even forced to be forced by the creditors, you all represent the love of the mother … However, the kindness of the mother love, I How can I repay … I often think that if I read a lot of books, I can’t make some happiness for those trampled in society. How do I get a mother? "In just a few words, he expressed his great mind against the mother’s punch and the communists to liberate the suffering compatriots.

After two months, Chen Jingxing was captured. (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Share let more people see.