What is happiness?Li Jinji will hold a public welfare flash in Chengdu’s wide narrow alley

What is happiness?Li Jinji will hold a public welfare flash in Chengdu’s wide narrow alley

  Gourmet has a magical cure power.In your heart, what is the most cure of people’s happiness?In 2021, Li Jinji hopes that the 10th anniversary of the chef project, May 16, Li Jinji will hold "Meet Happiness" in Chengdu, and I hope that the 10th anniversary of the chef will be promoted.

The event will be released by free of the happiness blind box, build the theme unit, and hope that the chef’s on-site teaching is to tell the story about happiness and hope.

  Li Jin Kezhen hopes that the chef project is created by Li Jinji, gathering the strength of all parties, funding the people of the people, and develops a public welfare plan to develop future stars for the Chinese meal industry.

The project started from 2011, and each year, Li Jinji was publicly recruited from the country to young people who had a sense of Chinese cooking, and fully funded the national regular professional high school Chinese food cooking professional, and encouraged students to participate in catering enterprises, contributing to the development of Chinese food industry. strength. During the ten years, the project helped more than 800 students who love cooking in the process of learning and growth, find more stories about happiness and hope. In Sichuan, Since September 2013, Li Ji hopes that the chef project has been in Chengdu, a total of 290 people from all over the country entered the Chengdu financial and trade employment high school, they continued to shine in the Chinese dining industry, not only changed their own fate, but also Drive the development of hometown.

  On April 29th, "Li Jin Kei wants the chef (LKK_HOPEASCHEF" WeChat public number to launch a happy taste collection activity. What is happiness? Regarding this problem, Li Jinji’s hopes that the chefs not only give the answer, but also cook a happy taste in his heart. Wang Zhao Yue: Happiness is a pleat on the past, representing every step of the life experience, Gansu Rigu County Girl, 2018 became Li Jin Ke Wang, now is the face of the Chengdu Waldorf Hotel.

  Wang Zhao Yue.

  Wang Zhao Moon Cooking Loofou Crisp. In her opinion, happiness is the pleat on the crisp, represents every step of life experience. "Live crisp is the first crispy point I learned. At that time, I took a long time. I used this crisp to participate in the Chengdu Non-Food Technology Invitational Tournament, took the face of the silver award, and the way the loofah is also engraved in my heart. , Becoming a happy taste in my heart.

"Guo Junhua: Happiness is the people who can eat and love every meal Guo Junhua. In 2018, he joined the hopes of the chef project. Li Jin Kezhen hopes that the first batch of students from Jiangxi, now Chengdu Ginkgo Doodle, a lottery chef. Guo Junhua. Guo Junhua Cooking sweet and sour prawns.

  In his opinion, happiness is to eat every meal with people who love.

"Before coming to Chengdu, there is little for gourmet knowledge.

High school, western food, I have tasted shrimp in the first time, I think this is the taste of happiness. This time I cook prawns in sweet and sour, I hope to eat every meal with people you can with love.

"Yang Chuanjiang: Happiness is a common taste, every family is different from Yang Chuanjiang, the sun guy from Sichuan Bazhong, 2017 Lee Jin Kezhen hopes that the hot vegetable copper prize in the 2nd International Youth Student Cooking Art Competition, now Chengdu Qin Shanzhai Cuisine Hold the chef.

  Yang Chuanjiang. Yang Chuanjiang cooking home often fish. In his opinion, happiness is a homemade, each is different. "This time I cook a homemade fish. When I was a child, my financial condition was poor. The fishing fish is already the best leeks that can be eaten. Now they will have more and more fish, but I still miss the fish for my mother. Masant. "Peng Wei: Happiness is a skill from the long Peng Wei, from Sichuan Ya’an, 2017 Li Jin Kezhen hopes that the" carving king "and" knife king "in the school during school, currently" Jin Shan "in Chengdu Food Beverage Being a flower king, under his engraving knife, ingredients can have countless patterns.

  Peng Hao.

  Peng Hao made of kimchi platter. Before joining the hope of the chef project, there is not high degree, and there is no skill, and there is a lot of work; becoming a hopes that he will study hard, practice the knife, improve the cultural class, participate in the competition, open the eye, and a skill. "Today, this kimchi platter, radish is the protagonist, it is ordinary, but let me get a lot of awards in the game. For me, happiness is ordinary struggle, there is a skill, you can self-reliance." Yu: Happiness is the life of the Queu, 2016 Lee Kumki hopes that the chef, the Ganzi boy who likes cooking, is now the director of the Cooperation of Chengdu Hilton Hotel.


  Cyberry cooking salted egg yellow wings.

  "Save the monthly salary, buy something like something, you have a life, this is happiness. This cooking is the salted egg yellow wings, from the small, I like to eat chicken wings, salty yellowed, salty incense, the fresh chicken wings The fragrant is very good, every time I eat this taste, I feel very happy. "Yu Tao: Happiness is a family of food, gaining, 2018 Lee Kum, I hope the chef, love to cook Leshan boy, now Chengdu Waldorf Hotel serves as a chopper chef, I hope that the chef project makes him achieve his own chef dream, experience different life, more importantly, you can learn more delicious dishes to do it. Yu Tao.

  Yu Tao cooked spicy fried flower armor.

  "This time I cook a spicy fried flower armor.

For various reasons, now a family is difficult to eat together, every time I reunite, I will prepare a spicy fried flower armor. Everyone is happy, I also feel very happy.

"Li Zhiping: Happiness is a sweet jam, Li Zhiping, 2018 Lee Jumi hopes that the chef is a love painting, love cooking Guizhou Miao guy. After entering the school, he combines hobbies and talents, focusing on practicing jam, now Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel Cold room chef. Li Zhiping use jam to draw the image of the chef.

  "This time I use jams to see the image of the chef, because it can be a hopes that I want the chef, it is the happiest thing I feel.

It came to Chengdu from Guizhou to Chengdu to become a chef, let me grow a unique side of the rural guys who are afraid, and I feel very satisfying, very happy. "About happiness tastes, what is your story want to share?" Li Jinji hopes that the chef (LKK_HOPEASCHEF) "WeChat public account collection activity continues, before 17:00 on May 5, netizens can make each other in the public account", get the benefits.