The pre-recovery fee of the school training institution is included in the supervision and prevention of "refund" "roll money running"

The pre-recovery fee of the school training institution is included in the supervision and prevention of "refund" "roll money running"

Original title: The pre-acceptance fee of the school training institution is included in the supervision of the newspaper (Pharma intern) to prevent "refueling" "roll money running road", and the recent Ministry of Education will meet with the National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank of China , The State Administration of Taxation, the Market Supervision, China SMS, issued a notice, and pre-charge the pre-recovery of the school training institution into the regulatory range.

  Notice points to, we must adhere to the training charity attributes, implement training fees management policies, and resolutely curb high-fee and excessive profitable behavior.

Foreign training institutions carry out training to comprehensively use "Primary and Secondary School Training Service Contract (Demonstration Text)", strictly implement the education and charge publicity system, and all the pre-charges enter the special account for training for this institution. Training for primary and secondary school students must not use training methods to pay for training.

Foreign training institutions provide training services to charge training costs shall be taxed according to law, and there is a invoice. The notice emphasizes that pre-charge supervision should be fully implemented.

The pre-recovered charges of disciplines and non-disciplinary school training institutions should be fully included in the regulatory scope, including pre-collection funds that have been charged but not completed before the notice is released. All localities can be used to conduct pre-charges for the school training institutions in the way in conjunction with the practice of bank hosted and risk margins. If the pre-recovered bank hosting, the school training institution should sign a managed agreement with the eligible bank and reported to the competent authority of education and other competent authorities; open the pre-recovered fee of the provision of funds, and do all pre-receiving charges "should be hosted, exclaimed". The hosting banks must not receive additional training institutions for the provision of managed services. If the risk margin is taken, the proof-proof training institution should sign an agreement with the eligible bank and reported to the competent authority of education. .

  Education, development reform, people’s banking, Silver Coverage, tax, market supervision and other departments will strengthen cooperation supervision of advanced training institutions in accordance with their responsibilities.

Establish a working mechanism for regular sharing of relevant information on information on the pre-recovery fee supervision, and strengthen the risk warning.

The pre-recovery of the training institution is incorporated into its integrity construction content, and give full play to the role of the industry association in credit construction, dispute dispute processing, and guide training institutions to standardize operations, and actively take the training pre-recovery fee into supervision.

All localities will conduct pre-recovery regulatory requirements for the proof of foreign training institutions, and whether there is a centralized investigation and rectification of issues such as "refund difficult" "roll money running road".

  Related news primary schools, etc. Preventing the notice of the management of primary and secondary school students, "requires online game enterprises to strictly implement the real name registration and login requirements of online game users account, and the primary and secondary schools can prohibit mobile products such as mobile phones into the classroom.

  The notice requires that all local publication management departments must strictly implement the online game pre-approval system, urge online game companies to increase the content review efforts, and resolutely put an end to the content of online games that may hinder the physical and mental health of primary and secondary schools, and ensure that the content is high and healthy. Require network gaming companies to take technical measures to avoid primary and secondary school students to contact discounted games or game features; strict implementation of online game user account real name registration and login requirements, can be 20 o’clock on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays At 21:00 to primary and secondary school students with 1 hour online game service, you must not provide online game services to primary and secondary school students in any form other than the specified time.

  Primary and secondary schools must strictly strictly undergor school education management, and have a unified management of terminal products such as mobile phones that apply to the campus. It is strictly forbidden to bring into class. Internet Internet access services provided by the school should be installed with minor network protection software or other security technical measures.

It is necessary to strengthen the network literacy and propaganda education, widely carry out various types of cultural and sports activities, guide primary and secondary school students to understand, scientifically treat, reasonably use the network, and consciously stay away from poor network temptation. The relevant departments will strengthen the incident supervision of online game companies, timely punishment or shut down the related network platform and products that violate relevant regulations, encourage relevant organizations or individuals to report online game companies and platforms that implement anti-addiction measures. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.