Zhang Lian: my country’s economy in the second half of the year

Zhang Lian: my country’s economy in the second half of the year

Three "still" set a big potential "The current economic situation is still more complicated, the unusual uncertainty is large, and many of the problems we encounter are medium and long, and must know from the perspective of lasting wars …" Conference on the current economyThe analysis of the situation is not only based on current, but also in the long-term, strive to achieve long-term equilibrium in steady growth and risk.

"The Central Political Bureau will give judgment on the current and future situation, pointing out that my country’s development is still in a strategic opportunity, peace and development remain the theme of the times, and the development of unbalanced incompatibility is still prominent.

"Zhang Lian said that many of the problems we have encountered are medium and long-term, and global epidemic still has spread, and the economic financial environment and external political environment is complex, these are the largest instability on China’s economic recovery road. , Uncertainty. We need to maintain greater patience and strength. From the perspective of lasting wars, we will understand the current domestic and international situation. Deepen the understanding of the "Double Cycling New Development Pattern" Conclusion This meeting "Express The formation of new development patterns that promote the domestic circulation as the main body and domestic international double cycle. "How to understand the new development pattern of dual cycles? First," Double Cycling New Development Pattern "is to expand domestic demand as a strategic base point. Zhang Lian said that although my country’s export data reflects strong toughness, under the epidemic, global The market shrinking speed is accelerated, and WTO is expected that the world trade growth rate will shrink%. In this case, even if China’s export is maintained in the global market share, it will face a large pressure. Second, the domestic circulation is The subject is never closed to the door to close the operation. It must be recognized that from the international cycle perspective, there are at least two significance of the domestic circulation, one is to promote the international economic recovery with domestic recovery; Make the domestic international market better, use the international and domestic markets, two resources to achieve five more development. Third, through domestic circulation to make up the short board.

The advantage of the big economy is that internal can be recycled, which is hard to do in small economies.

my country has the world’s most complete, largest industrial system, strong production capacity, perfect supporting capacity, with billion market entities, with talents with higher education or professional skills, more than 400 million middle income groups, and 14 The large-scale domestic demand market formed by the billion population.

At the same time, my country is in the rapid development of new industrialization, informationization, urbanization, agriculturalization, and the demand for investment is huge.

Zhang Lian’s suggestion, first to firmly grasp the expansion of the strategic base point to expand domestic demand, make the production distribution circulation more relying more on the domestic market, realize a benign circulation; two to clearly provide the strategic direction of supply side structure reform, promote total supply and total demand Dynamic balance is achieved at a higher level; three must accelerate the construction of a complete domestic demand system, vigorously promote technology innovation, and other innovations; four must accelerate the advancement of digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, life health, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, formation More new growth points, new growth poles. "Safety" provides strong protection for development in recent years, usually talking about more quality, more efficient, more fair, and more continuous. This meeting added "safer" expression. "The meeting puts safely in an unprecedented position. No security, other will lose, this is the relationship between 1 and 0.

"Zhang Lian said that there is no change in a large change in the past 100 years, we need to prevent the risks of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

In Zhang Lian, the overall development of normalized epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development is currently a very important work; second, we must adhere to the overall safety concept of the country, with the purpose of people’s safety, with political security as the fundamental, to protect the industry chain. Based on the supply chain stability, the economic security of major financial risks is based on military, cultural and social security as a guarantee to promote international security, and go out of a national security road of Chinese characteristics; in the end, it is necessary to strengthen forward-looking thinking, Global planning, strategic layout, in terms of development scale, speed, quality, structure, benefits, and security. In the second half of my country’s economic situation, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic has not yet been effectively curbed. When the external environment continues to change, the Chinese economy exhibits unique toughness and vitality, and a series of economic growth indicators continue to pick up. In the second half of 2020, how will the China’s economic situation thinks that some data recently indicate that the economic situation in the second half of my country has been good. Next, it still needs to focus on promoting the quality change, efficiency change, dynamic changes, enhance economic competitiveness, innovation and anti-risk capabilities.

Zhang Lian believes that the economic work in the second half of the year will still take the implementation of the "six guarantees" mission as a handle, to implement the expanded domestic demand strategy as a traction, and open with a higher level of reform.

He suggested expanding the final consumption, creating conditions for residents and consumption, boosting consumer demand, promoting recovery of service industries; more effective consumption policies for targeted development phases, making active financial policies focus on different levels of residents . Second, grasp the grasp, "two new", seize the improvement of urban public facilities, implement third, to establish a long-acting mechanism that should be cleared in the source. Only if there is employment and income in the survival of SMEs, they can drive consumption and expand market demand.

The crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, not only from the epidemic, but a bigger crisis comes from the fund chain break, but this break from large enterprises have arrears.

Fourth, we must optimize the business environment with greater reform and opening up. With the economic recovery and the internal and external challenges, the improvement of business environment is very important for stable expectations and enhancing entrepreneurial confidence. Finally, do a good job in people’s livelihood security, especially the difficult masses, and the basic living security of difficulties; take effective measures to alleviate the impact of the epidemic on young people, strengthen the employment of migrant workers, guide the returning migrant workers; pay the tax After subtraction, the drop down drop, the expenditure of the pressure is pressed to the bottom, and the good steel of the funds is used on the blade to ensure that the grassroots policy is more active.

"Review the past, no matter how many bumpy winds in the Chinese economy experience, we can all the way through the road.

In the second half of this year, and even the future, as long as we are good at taking the trend, the intensiveness, time change, seeking change, strain, it will be able to encounter a new opportunity in the crisis, and open a new bureau in the change.

"Zhang Lian said. (Editor: Wang First, Zhang Guiui) Sharing let more people see.