Yingri Town "Quad" Optimization Flow Population Management Service

Yingri Town "Quad" Optimization Flow Population Management Service

In recent recent, Shouguang City is conscientiously implemented "Regulations on the Flow Population Family Planning Work", and further optimize the management and services of flowing population by implementing four joints. The joint service is implemented.

A one-stop service, population family planning, public security, civil affairs and health workers have established a joint office, and the mobile population verification marriage certificate is established, and the provisional license, the rental house, etc. can be done in one-stop service. Joint hands to manage integrated management. First, population family planning, public security, and industrial and commercial formation joint investigation teams, perform a text-by-case-by-case-year-in-law and improve the microcomputer information.

Second, there is a lot of flowing population management organizations integrated in the floating population, and has established a migrants and family planning association to achieve local planning organization network, management and autonomy, service family Celement, activity consciousness.

Linkage to carry out a Dragon Guan love.

First, the family planning technology service personnel into the village, enter the enterprise, enter the business district, free of charge for mobile population for children twice, carry out publicity consulting services; the second is to provide contraceptive medicines for mobile population aged women; three It is a series of issues that help them solve accommodation, children entered, enrollment.

Link provides a point of resources.

First, implement information resource sharing, monthly, these departments have a timely exchange of mobile population, and achieve resource-sharing; the second is to play the role of the national networking information platform, realize the mobile population household registration and the current place Share sharing with the three levels of the city, town, and villages, forming the interactive management of the floating population.

In terms of inflowing population management, the village two committees, police stations, business, enterprises, and commitment to the daily management and cleanup registration of flowing population family planning.

The functional department and the village level are cleaned up in the focus of house rentals, residential, communities, shops, etc. Leakage, households are not leaking), five clear (case clear, clearance, check ring to check pregnancy, flow to Qing, draw addition). The town also established information exchange systems with mobile population household registration, and strengthened regular contact.

The town has issued the "Administrative Measures for Comprehensive Treatment Floor Violations", which has been integrated with the provisions of the provisions of the population and the provisions of the population, and clarifically, and forms a comprehensive management of the population. New pattern.